Founder of Cirkus Unik together with Elin Lütke and head teacher in our circus schools. He has been a circus teacher since 1992 and toured for several years around the world as a professional aerialist in the contemporary circus group Cirque de Soleil. He grew up in Brazil and came to Sweden and Gothenburg in 2011. He also works as a Pilates instructor.



Founder of Cirkus Unik with Jailton Carneiro. Born in Sweden and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. She has a background in circus and a long involvement in social work and various integration projects.


In 2011, she came to Sweden and Gothenburg together with Jailton Carneiro. She saw that social differences also exist in Sweden, and started Cirkus Unik. Circus can be a tool to make the gaps smaller.




    I am a educated musicaltheatre performer


    at the Performing Arts school here in Gothenburg, but with the roots in the beautiful Höga kusten in Västernorrland where I started life as a real sportsman.


    To me, Circus is amazing where


    the basic idea is that everyone should be able to understand and be an equally important part of the group like everyone else but on his or her  own unique way. At the same time as one may feel important it is really fun and physically demanding, what a thing!


    My name is Elvira and I’m a graduated musical-theatre performer and drama teacher. This autumn I will start working as a circus instructor with Cirkus Unik, and I will also work part time as an artist and theatre-director.


    For me, the best about circus is the wonderful blend of different expressions that you can use , and the wide audience it attracts. With Cirkus Unik   we have the opportunity to create new, fun meetings between people; unique meetings!


    I look forward to meet you all!


    Hey! My name is Marta. I am Brazilian air acrobat, dancer and actor educated at "Escola Nacional de Circo" in Rio de Janeiro. I have 25 years of experience as a professional circus artist. I have been touring around the world with, among other things, Cirque du Soleil. Here in Sweden, together with Magnus Jakobsson, I started a circus / theater group called Teatro Baó.


    Hey! My name is Sabina and I am a professional dancer from the Norwegian Academy of Ballet School in Oslo. I have worked as a freelance dancer and with cultural production for the past 10 years. Circus to me stands for everyone's equal value and opportunities, glitter, popcorn and fighting spirit. Practicing one can manage and that is the best thing about the circus, that everyone can learn, everyone can practice and everyone can have fun together.


    Hej! Jag heter Joakim Södergren Norin. Jag är utbildad yrkesartist på Performing Arts School och sysslar väldigt mycket med musik och sång. Det bästa med cirkus är att alla, både vuxna som barn får chansen att komma tillbaka till nått som är så viktigt: Leken.


    Hi! My name is Karin Pinner and I am a trained dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. I started with firearts when I was 16 years old and now work as a fire artist with the Pyrox firecircus group and as a freelancer in airial acrobatics. When I do not work with Unik of course! I also have a degree in psychiatric care and special skills in some function variations.


    For me, the circus is about courage, daring and overcoming oneself. For each lesson, I want my students to try something new, dare something they thought was a little scary and succeed in something they did not think they ever would do. Whether it is about a difficult trick in the trapeze, being with a whole new group or asking a friend to focus a little more.



    Hi! As the new administrator here at Cirkus Unik, I work with Elin in our office.


    In my backpack, lessons are gathered from all of my involvement in different non-profit organizations together with the knowledge of my business education at Handels in Göteborg.


    What I think is one of the most amazing things with Cirkus Unik is the emphasis on exercising without competition, and how it interacts with cooperation and being kind to others and to oneself!


    I am a retired dentist and social worker who lived in Brazil for over 30 years "I'm so happy and proud to have been around to see Cirkus Unik getting born and grow and make Gothenburg a little happier for so many children!"


    I am a civil engineer with work experience over 20 years, including as a financial manager in medium-sized companies and accounting consultant / manager in agencies over the last 6 years. I think it's exciting to work in an organization that understands today's needs and always has the will to develop.


    I have also worked in the cultural field as a dance teacher for many years. Therefore, I think Cirkus Unik is one of the important collaborations I have. Because it applies to both development and social / cultural work.


    Webdesigner - To work with Cirkus Unik it is like juggling! It is nice and fun to watch, but there is a lot of work behind in order to keep all the balls in the air like Elin and Jailton manage. And all in one amazing environment with a lot of creativity!



    Anna is working on Spotify, where she is responsible for the strategy of the company within the Premium segment. She grew up in the US and moved to Sweden 2014 to take a Master on KTH. Anna started to get engaged in Reach for Change because she very strongly believes in the goals of the Organization to help improve the world for children.


    Cirkus Unik provides an incredible platform where children are allowed to be themselves and can learn to develop the self-confidence that is so important for their development. Anna also sees circus as a way to reduce stigmatizing, and also as a way to connect societies. She is really happy of her cooperation with Cirkus Unik and looks forward to the future development of the company.


    Gayathri is chairman and co-founder of The Good Talents, a social enterprise that identifies and visualizes young talents in vulnerable areas. She works with organizational development and as a program manager at Reach for Change. Over the years, she has initiated / coached the startup of several social companies. She has 10 years experience in process management in innovation and leadership.


    "From the first day I met Elin and Jailton in 2011, it has been impossible not to see their potential and ability to start and run a social enterprise that could make radical differences for children and young people in vulnerable areas in Sweden. The combination of their deep skills in the new circus, commitment to children and young, entrepreneurial drive, business sense and timing are amazing. It has been a great journey to follow and support Cirkus Unik in the development of their social company that has grown at a raging speed since the beginning of 2016; looking forward to accompanying them in their journey forward."


    Joakim works as Project Manager in MTG , a Media company, and got in contact with Cirkus Unik through the Advisor Board Program of Reach for Change.


    Joakim is involved with Reach for Change because he believes that devoted and talented social entrepreneurs can make difference in children’s life.


    Joakim believes in the model of Cirkus Unik that through circus create a safe place for children with different background to develop and simultaneously create conditions for integration.


    Hey! My name is Mahmoud Mustapha. I am an economist trained at the Linné University in Kalmar / Växjö and love to work with business development and to improve customer relations.


    I originally came from Lebanon but grew up in Sweden, and initiatives like Cirkus Unik are something that I myself experienced and which contributed to my safe childhood. Giving children a platform to develop and integrate into a "relaxed" environment is something that I really believe in and gladly support.


    Monica has been a social entrepreneur since she was 15 years old. She is the founder of Oficina da Sustentabilidade, a B Corp in Brazil that helps companies to find their social purpose and meet the social impact they want in society.


    “For me the most amazing thing about Cirkus Unik is that they use Cirkus as a big force for change. Starting with the point that each human being is unik, and at the same time that everybody has their own special gifts, they developed a methodology that can help society to become more equal, and more human. I really believe in their way of doing things.”


    Susanne is chairman of the non-profit association Circus Unik, has previous experience of board work in non-profit associations, and has been in since the association started. Professionally active as an organization and recruitment consultant with own company, has long experience of development work in leadership, organization and operations as well as broad knowledge of formalities. Has long experience both as a social worker in one of Gothenburg's most vulnerable areas and later as head of the public sector. Has academic degrees in both Social Sciences (socionom) and Pedagogy (teacher).


    "Circus Unik with the dedication, the overall and specific background and experience that Elin and Jailton together have, is a unique potential for running a social enterprise that can help make a difference for children and young people in vulnerable areas. Having been by their side and seen Cirkus Unik's business grow has been a favor for me as an advisor and chairman. "


    Ola is Head of Customer Service, Consumer Sales & Delivery at Tele2  and came in contact with Cirkus Unik through Reach for Change. Ola is involved with Reach for Change because he believes in the possibility to change and improve for all children in Sweden by creating resources and economical possibilities to dedicated persons with a unique competence in their area.



    Cirkus Unik has all that Ola believes in; by using circus as a tool for change you can create possibilities for children to develop their self-confidence and follow their dreams.


We want to create a world where all children have the same opportunities to grow and develop despite various social, economic and     cultural background.


Our mission is that, with new circus as a tool, all children will be able to develop personal self-esteem and group collaboration in the forefront as well as being a platform for integration in society.