Jailton Carneiro grew up in a favela in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.


When Jailton was a boy, his parents warned him to take the road passing the beach on the way home from school, because it was dangerous, but the attraction was too strong. When Jailton was twelve years he defied the advice, sneaked into the circus tent - and was completely captivated by the acrobatics that were trained there. The project of the Circus was exactly to catch and train the children and young people from poor areas, and the people at the circus became Jailton’s second family. Jailton learned techniques, tools, aerial acrobatics and security from scratch and was soon a full-fledged artist.


During several years in the early 2000s, he toured as a professional acrobat with the world's leading contemporary Cirque de Soleil.


In 2011, he came with Elin Lütke to Sweden and Gothenburg, and soon started his own circus school - what today has become Cirkus Unik.


When Elin Lütke attended high school in São Paulo, Brazil, she came in contact with an organization that collected books to children in poor areas of the city. She and her classmates went by bus to various suburbs and read aloud from books for children who had never been in contact with literature.


This gave her a commitment to fight social injustice and a willingness to work to change society. She worked with environmental issues, waste management and various social projects in Brazil. In her spare time, she joined a circus school and discovered the joy of acrobatics and being allowed to play even though you were an adult.


ᅠShe also discovered that the circus could be a tool to tackle social injustice.


ᅠFor years she traveled with Jailton Carneiro and Cirque du Soleil before the couple settled down in Gothenburg in 2011 and started Cirkus Unik.


Elin also has a master's degree in Global Studies at Gothenburg University.