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Circus for Mental Health

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This is Cirkus Unik!!

Cirkus Unik wants to make the world a little better with the help of Contemporary circus. We focus on inclusion and want to combat exclusion.

Circus is a tool that increases children’s self-esteem, teamwork ability and gives them the opportunity to believe in their dreams.

Cirkus Unik creates staggering performances with relevant messages in line with our values.

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Our Partners

Kulturrådet- the Culture Council

The Swedish Arts Council, via Scenkonst Projektbidrag 2021, supports our new performance Monster, which will be performed to students in middle school and is part of our work for Mental Health among children in the Region.

City of Gothenburg’s Cultural Administration

From 2020, Cirkus Unik has received Business Support from the Gothenburg Cultural Administration, which thus supports us and our development in the artistic and educational activities; always with a social perspective.

Västra Götaland Region

VGR has supported Cirkus Unik since its start and will fund a three-year period through Culture-Strategic Support in 2020-22 with the aim of widening participation for children in culture. Our tour during 2019-20 with the show Dare 2 Be! has been supported by VGR and the Culture Administration.

Danscentrum Väst

Since the start of our business, we have had a very good collaboration with Danscentrum Väst. In Gothenburg, there are no suitable premises for circus and Danscentrum Väst and their subsidized premises have meant a lot for the development of all our circus performances, and by extension also for our…

the Gothenburg Opera

In 2019, we start an exciting collaboration with the Gothenburg Opera via Create Dance. Some older students from the circus school are participating in the new collaboration with the aim of inspiring, sharing experiences and making art more accessible to children and young people.


Since the start we have had a stable, fruitful and fun collaboration in order to offer children in Fritids meaningful activity in circus schools all over Gothenburg, where inclusion in society through culture has been our shared values.

Reach for Change

In 2016, we were rewarded with three years of financial, legal and business support after we won Reach for Change trust the same year, which was a decisive factor for our rapid and secure growth and opportunity to make a difference for many more of Gothenburg's children!

Business Region Gothenburg

In 2019, we received support to develop a new business plan with a better balance between social entrepreneurship, educational and artistic activities with a special focus on strategy, leadership and packaging.


In 2015, we won The Brewhouse Award in the category Social Innovations and Social Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs who, with innovative ideas, place social benefits before profit, are rewarded and, as in the case of Cirkus Unik, improve the situation of children and young people and increase integration.