Collaboration with the Gothenburg Opera

Cirkus Unik has started an exciting collaboration with the Opera! The collaboration aims to inspire, exchange experiences and make art available to children and young people.

We visited the Gothenburg Opera.  This marks the start of a collaboration we have with the project  Create  at the Opera. The children were allowed, in a first step, to visit the backstage of the Opera with young ambassadors and an expert hostess. There were many curious children who asked many questions.

Then the Opera came to visit us! Six from the team plus a film team recorded the unforgettable meeting between the professional dancers and our young talents! The kids showed and taught the dancers some circus techniques and they thought it was super fun!

As the next part of this fine collaboration, Cirkus Unik’s students visited Gothenburg Opera’s dance company. This time it was the children’s turn to  dance together with fantastic Ján. It was both challenging and fun!

The children will continue to watch rehearsals and performances. We feel fortunate being able to give this opportunity to the children at such an early age to be inspired by these professional dancers and well-created works.
Really successful start to the collaboration ! We look forward to the future!

Now you can also see glimpses of it all in the fine film the Opera made; see below!

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