During the autumn term, we had very good results in Värdehjulet in all groups. Even the subjects that had a high baseline at the beginning of the semester (superhero and collaboration) improved. We see it with pleasure as a positive result of our methodology and of our students’ great commitment. The theme Superhero, which had a decrease of -5% during the spring term, rose to 8% during the autumn. It shows that a negative result one semester can lead to development opportunities, enrich our pedagogical practice and give us – teachers and students – room for improvement.

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Circus School
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Motor skills development
HT21 Engagemang Självkänsla Respekt Samarbete
Start of Semester 60% 88% 78% 81%
End of Semester 64% 96% 89% 87%
Average Development 4% 8% 11% 4%