Children and parents workshop 2017

  • Parakrobatik

In collaboration with the School of Culture, Cirkus Unik organized children’s and parent workshops in 2017.
This meant smaller meetings with a chance for deeper contact, where students and parents with varying socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, with the love of the circus in common, had the opportunity to meet and socialize a bit.
Cirkus Unik was given the opportunity to discuss with the parents about our values ​​at the three different levels in which we work; individual, group and community level.

It was very interesting to exchange experiences and hear the parents’ perspectives on our work!
For the children, it became a new experience to serve as a teacher to their parents. We gave children and adults a valuable tool for deeper contact with more physical contact via duo acrobatics, aerial acrobatics, coordination exercises and increased fine motor skills with juggling.

Of course, we ended with coffee where everyone could hang out with people they might never have met otherwise.

Thanks to Kajsa Svensson from Interact who helped plan activities with the parents!




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