The City – 100 children on stage!

The show The City on December 10 was the result of a long journey of our meeting place business under the auspices of Cirkus Unik in 2016.
More than 100 children from our circus schools in Gothenburg performed together at Brewhouse stage after they created the theme, set design and choreography.
We had the help of 45 volunteers who all worked hard and enthusiastically.
The City symbolizes a place, a home, a world – from the children’s perspective. A city where everyone is equally worthy, everyone can play and be just as you are. The show became a huge audience success among all the 400 parents and friends who came, and also received great attention in both press (GP – read here) and TV in Gothenburg (SVT VästNytt – read here).

What a magical performance!
Thank you to all children, parents, Caramatu, Kulturskolan, the team and volunteers!

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