Due to the Corona virus

Due to the Corona virus, we are posting this information.
We take the threat of this pandemic very seriously and we follow the directive of the Public Health Authority.
Right now closing schools is not considered an effective measure for stopping the spread of infection.
We will therefore also function as usual for the time being. We will inform you if the situation would change and new instructions from the Public Health Authority will be issued.
ALL children are instructed to wash their hands just before and after our lessons and not to come to the lessons if they are the least ill to reduce the spread of infection in the community.
We will also bring hand alcolhol in case some schools would not have it for some reason.
All our respect and understanding for those who choose not to attend the lessons, although we miss them, we know that it is an important measure for many, however unwanted.

We are aware of the importance of physical activity for children’s health. Yet another reason to continue with our lessons as long as we can.

All of our concern for you all, take care and we will do our best together!

Circus greetings from Elin, Jailton, Elvira, Camila and Lena

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