Elliot – Circus with fritids 2018


When I started working as a Circus instructor in one of our schools in the fall of 2017, I immediately noticed a child who was very shy and insecure.

This child had a hard time getting into the classes and wanted very close contact with me as an educator to feel safe. She did not dare to speak and became very easily sad and upset when something went wrong.

Today, just 6 months later, I see a child who comes running into the class, and with lots of joy and a curiosity to see what the lesson has to offer.

She still still comes and hugs at the beginning and end of the lesson but wants to be with all the friends and test everything we offer, a real superhero as we say at Cirkus Unik.

We teachers also see that the other children feel very secure with her and want to be close to her.

Now beginning to reflect more on children’s development purely socially I realize that this is a much stronger and happier person. It’s almost like a new kid I have in front of me, and I have a hard time thinking that she was as shy and cautious as she was.

Elvira, Elliot’s circus educator

* Elliot is a fictitious name.

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