Business Region Gothenburg

With the support of  Business Region Göteborg  in 2019, we have come up with a new business plan with the right balance between social entrepreneurship, educational and artistic activities. We put a lot of focus on strategy, leadership and packaging.

We have been given the luxury of receiving support from three different consultants:

  • Ingrid Alestig from  Novasell, who helped us with the new business plan,
  • Magdalena Helander from Simplify Human Action AB who helped Elin and Jailton with Co-leadership, communication, etc.
  • Sabina Antonsson from  Onyx Cultural Production  who has helped us to compile a list of all cultural contributions you can apply for.

Business Region Gothenburg  works to create conditions for the entire region’s business community by providing knowledge, contacts and arenas for collaboration. Business Region Gothenburg is responsible for business development in the City of Gothenburg and represents 13 municipalities in the region.




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