Crime Prevention Council

In April 2019, Cirkus Unik’s artists, together with children artists from our circus groups, performed for the participants at the conference “Council for the Future”, “Råd för framtiden” organized by the Crime Prevention Council  Brottsförebyggande rådet (BRÅ) and Social Resource Management, Social Resursförvaltning  from the City of Gothenburg. We performed at the Swedish Exhibition in Gothenburg in front of 550 guests and the performance was greatly appreciated by the conference participants.
BRÅ and Social Resource Management work to prevent crime in society, which goes hand in hand with our vision and work in Gothenburg and with the message we wanted to convey.

More about the conference:
“Council for the Future” is the Crime Prevention Council’s national conference on local crime prevention. The conference was organized in collaboration with the City of Gothenburg and took place at the Swedish Fair in Gothenburg on April 3-4, 2019.



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