DELMOS – Delegation Against Segregation

With the support of Delmos, Cirkus Unik was given the opportunity to make a survey and Needs analysis of the accessibility of leisure opportunities for children age 7-9 in 10 different areas of Gothenburg.

Many studies show how important it is to activate children in meaningful pursuits to avoid the bad consequences that segregation can have on children.

Cirkus Unik chose to explore a little closer  the sports and cultural activities that are available for the children in the age 7-9 in the 10 areas where Cirkus Unik are active. We took into account various socio-economic aspects to be able to compare the different areas, such as degree of vulnerability (Police report, 2017), percent immigrant background (SCB-Statistics Sweden) and compiled these data with
what we came up with about leisure opportunities, quantitatively and qualitatively.

Please read what we concluded in our report!

The Delegation Against Segregation, Delmos, was established on January 1, 2018, with the mission of helping to reduce and counteract segregation in society and improve the situation in socio-economically vulnerable areas.



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