Gothenburg Cathedral

We were honored to perform at Gothenburg Cathedral Göteborgs Domkyrka in 2017 at the big annual meeting for all the bishops of Sweden.
Cirkus Unik was invited to do a show during a large priesthood and deacon meeting in the Cathedral in front of 800 priests and bishops from all over the country. One of these priests recommended us with the motivation “I see in front of me how the circus art with its heights and depths and the stretching of the outer and inner boundaries of space and man can show something of how the spirit exists in the world and in our lives”. Jailton, Elin and some kids from the circus school performed an appreciated circus show. The children “wheeled”, walked on stilts and did acrobatics exercises in the church and afterwards they were completely fulfilled and immensely proud of the fantastic fact that they dared to perform in front of this large audience.




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