Gothenburg City

Gothenburg City is our absolutly largest customer. We have collaborated with many districts in different festivals in Östra Gothenburg, Västra Hisingen, inaugurations as by Selma Lagerlöfs Torg, several events in the Sjumila Hall and also in different parks and Kulturhus throughout the City.

Example of feedback from one of these collaborations:

“Hi my name is Patrik and I have worked as a leisure manager at Kortedala Fritidsgård, the district of Östra Göteborg for a total of 11 years.

Together with my colleagues, I have had a fantastic collaboration with Cirkus Unik for several years.

Cirkus Unik is just like their name UNIQUE in many ways Competent educators who always put children and young people at the center of their activities.

It is also done with many lovely smiles and hugs =)

The fact that We want Cirkus Unik in particular for several years is that they always deliver at a high level and We put a Great Value on their loyalty and their Great Professional Expertise.

When they leave you long to book them again at the next best opportunity!

Hugs and Sincerely,  Patrik, leisure leader Östra Gothenburg. “



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