Gothenburg Culture Festival

Our circus workshops have always been well attended for several years during the fun event Kulturkalaset /Childrens Culture Festival produced by  Göteborg & Co.

Here we get the opportunity to meet both children and parents from all over the city as well as many happy visitors from other parts of Sweden and the world.

In 2016, Cirkus Unik was invited as an external program producer to the International Circus Program for Gothenburg’s Cultural Festival. With 1.5 million visits in six days, Gothenburg’s Cultural Festival is one of the Nordic region’s largest cultural festivals. We produced a whole week of New circus together with the Children’s Culture Festival team with 7 performances by 5 different groups from 5 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Hungary and Sweden.
Cirkus Unik is passionate about this festival as we share the same values as accessibility, sustainability and diversity. It is a wonderful opportunity to inspire children to participate actively in art and culture.



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