Kulturskolan is an organization that offers all of Gothenburg’s children a rich, varied and valuable leisure activity and serves as a meeting place for participation, community and development. Kulturskolan takes advantage of the children’s own initiative and supports them in their creativity.

Already in 2016, our fruitful and stable collaboration with Kulturskolan in Gothenburg started, first in Frölunda, Västra Hisingen and Angered and then quickly spread to almost all areas of Gothenburg including Östra Gothenburg, Norra Hisingen and Västra Göteborg.
It is and has been a fun and rewarding collaboration for us in Cirkus Unik as we largely share the same values ​​and goals, such as inclusion in society through culture.

“Cirkus Unik helps to enrich children’s expression and broaden the field of view of culture. Through their pedagogy, they also enrich the children’s opportunities to work in a group, challenge themselves and thereby grow as a human being. Cirkus Unik are highly professional in their approach and easy to work with, for Kulturskolan this collaboration means a tremendous joy. ”
Sincerely, Frida Mälarborn Hoshino GÖTEBORGS CITY Kulturskolan Askim-Frölunda-Högsbo



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