the Gothenburg Opera

Cirkus Unik starts an exciting collaboration with Gothenburg Opera in 2019 via Create Dance Please read our blog post where we update all the fun we do together here!

Cirkus Unik has selected some older students from the circus groups, who have been with us for a long time and have shown great interest in continuing to develop their circus talent. It is this group that will be part of the new collaboration with the Gothenburg Opera.

The collaboration aims to inspire, exchange experiences and make art accessible to both children and young people.

Gothenburg Opera Create strives for the performing arts to be accessible to everyone. Here we shape the performing arts together – by, with and for people of all ages; beginners and the Performing Arts lover, long-established Swedes and newly arrived people, people with different abilities and conditions. Everyone is welcome to participate in the Gothenburg Opera Create.

Create focuses on three areas: children and young people, intercultural work and creativity on the basis that differences are valuable. Create dance focuses on dance and movement in all age groups. That’s why we see it as a perfect match!



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