Lisa – Circus school 2020

Lisa has trained for a long time with Cirkus Unik, she is one of our oldest pupils. Since the start she has shown great potential and is extremely ambitious. The thing with Lisa is that she often ends up in the background. Some children take place when they have difficulty concentrating, other children take place when they need a lot of support and encouragement to dare to try new things, but Lisa does not belong to any of those categories. She does as she,s told, talks when she gets the word and takes new challenges without resistance. As an educator, this type of student is extremely easy to handle but it is also easy to miss this type of students.

Lisa got to a point where she needed more challenge, but she herself had a hard time showing us educators that she wanted more. When we did not fully see her ambition, we were close to losing her.

In the autumn of 2019, Cirkus Unik started a new initiative for those of our students who wanted to immerse themselves more in circus techniques and focus on performing. Lisa then got a place in that group. Since the day she started in the new group, she has made great progress, not only in circus techniques but she has also become a hugely important part of the dynamics of the group.

Thanks to the fact that the new group has a longer duration of training, we educators have been able to add more time to try to see each student. In Lisa,s case, we have tried to push her beyond her comfort zone and assigned her roles where she is forced to take more space.

What we see now is a Lisa with a great determination and ambition that is constantly evolving. She has developed a body control that is very helpful in circus techniques. Her calm ways to tackle challenges are contagious to the whole group and she often comes up with wise remarks and thoughtful reflections in the evaluations of the class.
Lisa has become a fine example of the development a child can do when taking care of their talent and putting them in a context where they have the potential to succeed!

Lisa is a fictitious name.

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