Melissa – Circus school 2020

Melissa started the circus in the fall of 2020. On her first day I could notice she
was a bit intimidated, clearly nervous and maybe feeling a bit “out of place”
since she has not tried circus or acrobatics before. She would look tense and
worried before trying some of the exercises, but as the time passed she
improved her skills and I believe her positive mindset was one of the keys for
her to thrive.
Even though she would acknowledge that certain exercises were a bit too
challenging, she always kept an assertive attitude and in general she would not
be self-critical or negative towards her performance. Of course, some days are
harder than others, and sometimes she would show frustration and a bit of
resistance towards the teachers’ remarks. However, she was open and seemed to
enjoy every minute of the lesson, showing commitment and concentration. It
was particularly captivating to see that she found a way of expressing herself
that is very authentic: she is a bit shy when interacting with the other kids, but
when she is on the aerial equipments, she just looks so confident and pleased
with herself!
As we started rehearsing for our show that takes place in the end of the term,
she showed even more enthusiasm and excitement. Comparing the first lesson –
where she nervously tried aerial acrobatics for the first time – to the beautiful
act presented in the show, we can tell that it has been a beautiful journey of
learning and fun for Melissa! And for us, her teachers, reasons to be proud and
eager to keep on going!

Melissa is a fictitious name.

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