Mia – Circus with “Fritids” 2020


Mia started the circus with us in the spring of 2019 and showed great interest in the circus. We could see that she had good motor skills and good opportunities for her to develop a lot.

At the same time, we could see that she seemed insecure and had difficulty to really fully practice the in class. We felt it was more important for her to follow the older children in the group.

She always looked first for the older kids’ reactions and thoughts on what they wanted to do and also how they behaved toward the other students at the lessons, even though they were often very critical of the others in the group. Sometimes she could choose to be even more mean than the older children to the other students to get their confirmation.


When we then started with the evaluations in the form of the Value Wheel, she always repeated exactly what the children she saw up to said. With time after more times with the evaluations and our own private conversations with her, we saw that she gradually began to dare to think for herself, she chose to comfort her circus friends instead of being critical and she chose to focus more on her training. Although we saw that it was hard for her and still is, to choose to be more kind to herself and the others in the group, she now dares to struggle to do so.

We look forward to continue to follow her and it will be exciting to observe and support her development. It is interesting to see her brave struggle in the search for her identity.

* Mia is a fictitious name.

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