Cirkus Unik´s Privacy Policy

Children and Guardians

Businesses that process personal data must comply with the rules contained in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Greater demands are placed on those who collect personal data to process the personal data in a correct and legal manner and also to inform those who have their personal data registered with a business about which personal data is available. We at Cirkus Unik need to process personal data in order to run our business.

The information collected is handled only by employees and board members at Cirkus Unik and the Sports and Association Administration. The information is not disclosed to any other party. The information is stored on Google Drive, Mailchimp for e-mail contact and Visma for invoicing.

If you have any questions about Cirkus Unik, you can contact our data manager Camila Borges via You have the opportunity to find out what personal information is registered about you.

The information we collect is; name, address, telephone and birth data of the registered child as well as the name and contact details of the guardian. The information is needed to be able to plan the business, to be able to get in touch with guardians when needed and to run our business forward. If the children are under 18 years of age, the information is collected from the guardian.

When we no longer need your information

One year after completing the course, collected personal information for both guardian and student is deleted. Invoice information is stored for seven years in accordance with the rules of the Accounting Act.

In order to collect and use personal data and photographs, a written consent / approval from each individual student’s guardian is required. Upon enrollment, a student in the circus school also becomes a member of the Non-profit Association Cirkus Unik with a membership fee included in the semester fee. As a member / guardian, you also have the right to access your personal information, have incorrect personal information corrected and submit complaints to the Data Inspectorate.


On certain occasions, such as speech-days and meetings, the children are photographed and filmed and that material is used for marketing purposes via Cirkus Unik’s channels: website, facebook, youtube and instagram. This without the children being named.

An approval to use photographs and films applies at all times as we keep the images in our digital channels even after the children have left the Circus School.

The guardian has the right to change at any time and withdraw consent and have his information deleted.