Our shows want to inspire children and young people to dare to dream bigger.

We offer staggering playful performances with clear messages of inclusion, collaboration, self-esteem; an obvious part of our vision as an organization!

We master most circus techniques with a special focus on aerial acrobatics and singing combined with other art forms such as dance and theater.

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Coming Shows

The Super Talent, Germany 2019

Cirkus Unik participated in the TV program Das Super Talent in Bremen, Germany in August 2019! It was a special experience that we will never forget. We are grateful and would like…

Tour of Dare 2 Be! 2019-2020

Cirkus Unik goes on tour with our performance Dare 2 Be! in the fall of 2019  and in 2020! With support from the City of Gothenburg’s Cultural Administration and the Västra Götaland…

Current Performances

Dream catcher

Film: Androbmedia Dream catcher wants to show the need to stop and let the dreams come to life. A flying aerial acrobatic show with beautiful music and live vocals that…

Dare 2 Be! Dare 2 Be! wants to emphasize the importance of daring to be oneself and to resist negative norms and uniformity in society. The show takes up current thematic topics…

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