Social Projects

Do you work to build a more inclusive and equitable city ?! We too!

Culture and sports is a wonderful combination, and in addition, Cirkus Unik has developed various services to reach those who need us most or the city’s most vulnerable children. We have five different concepts that we offer. Feel free to contact us and we will adapt the concept to your business!

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Circus with "fritids"

Cirkus Unik wants to help make Gothenburg a slightly more equal city. Children from vulnerable areas do not have access to recreational activities for various reasons. See below our survey report on availability of leisure activities in ten different areas of Gothenburg.

In schools, we offer the circus as a meaningful activity that increases children’s self-esteem and group belonging. Circus is a mix of culture and sport that has effective results on both physical and mental health. It enables a Unique and personal treatment of every child where we pay attention to their constant development and help them to constantly challenge themselves, each at their own pace.

We have developed our own method for measuring the group’s development in Respect, Concentration, Self-esteem, Collaboration and  Equality – The Value Wheel.

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Meeting place

Gothenburg is a fantastic and unique city with incredible cultural diversity, which is used poorly. When it is difficult for people to meet, understanding decreases and prejudice increases. That’s exactly what Cirkus Unik wants to counteract in different ways.

Our method is based on creating a platform where children and parents from different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds can meet. Cirkus Unik teaches children both in the suburbs and downtown. We believe that integration is not just about including the children from the suburbs to the center, but also to include the children from the center with “their whole” city.

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Shows In School

Our performances always have important and relevant messages for children and young people and want to inspire them to dare to be themselves and to dream.

We have developed a new program with performances with the opportunity to try-out, which we now offer schools in different areas in Gothenburg and in the Västra Götaland region.

The new idea is that children from different schools can meet and try out circus together.

We choose two schools with different backgrounds and show the performance in both schools.

They choose a class that will get to try out -in half-class together with the other school’s half-class.

This also means an excursion and a meeting place for these groups.

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functional variations

Cirkus Unik works in a Gothenburg school with children with functional variations. We have seen the children make tremendous progress in just a few lessons with increased self-esteem and better group collaboration as a result and both school management and parents are asking for continued cooperation.

These children find it very difficult to attend regular sports education. Complicated rules and lengthy reviews are difficult and do not often lead to feelings of exclusion and to conflicts. Contemporary circus for them means a new and freer training. Contemporary circus with its universal language means a great relief for children with language difficulties.

In the circus you do not compete with others; each child develops at his own pace with joy and with just himself as a yardstick. All children are unique!

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Circus Relay

Cirkus Unik’s exciting initiative together with Skapande Skola is being developed during one  school year at school hours in five selected schools from districts with different backgrounds. The project is perceived as a tripod:

  1. A class in grade 4 is given the opportunity to learn eight circus techniques during five lessons.
    2. The process is filmed and the film provides inspiration for the next school, hence the name Circus Relay.
    3. The sports teachers collaborate with the circus educators and gain knowledge of Cirkus Unik’s various theoretical and practical tools to stimulate group cooperation without competition.

All the children meet at the end of the spring semester for the Big Closing Event, where they are introduced to the film from the project, have a snack with students from the other schools and are presented with a Cirkus Unik show.