Gayatri Rathinavelu

Gayatri is chairman and co-founder of The Good Talents, a social enterprise that identifies and highlights young talents in vulnerable areas and works with organizational development and as program manager at Reach for Change. She has over the years initiated / coached the start-up of several social enterprises. She has 10 years of experience in process management in innovation and leadership.

“From the first day I met Elin and Jailton 2011 it was impossible to escape their potential and ability to start and run a social enterprise that could make radical difference to children and young people in disadvantaged areas in Sweden. The combination of their deep expertise in new circus, dedication, entrepreneurial drive and timing is amazing. It’s been an amazing journey to follow and support Cirkus Unik in the development of their social enterprise, which since its inception in 2016 has grown at breakneck speed. I am looking forward to accompany them in their journey ahead. “