Susanne Erixon

Susanne is chairman of the non-profit association Cirkus Unik, has previous experience of board work in non-profit associations, and has been with the association since its inception. Professionally active as an organizational and recruitment consultant with her own company, has extensive experience in development work in leadership, organization and operations as well as broad knowledge of formalities. Has long experience both as a social worker in one of Gothenburg’s most vulnerable areas and later as a manager in the public sector. Is a trained social worker and teacher.

“Cirkus Unik with the dedication, overall and specific background and experience that Elin and Jailton have together is a unique potential for running a social enterprise that can help make a difference for children and young people in vulnerable areas. To have been by their side and seeing Cirkus Unik’s business grow has been a favor to me as an adviser and chairman. “


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