Guest post: A visit from Miranda, Cirkus Panik

“My name is Miranda and I am a master student at Copenhagen Business School, but first and foremost a third-generation circus artist and social circus instructor from Cirkus Panik. I am now working on my master thesis on the organisation of social circus in Europe from a social entrepreneurial perspective. I have chosen to study Cirkus Unik since I got interested in their innovative methodology and their engagement in impact measurement.  This week I had the pleasure of following and getting to know Cirkus Unik and to experience the amazing job they are doing with children of Gothenburg,  Thanks for some very inspiring days and for letting me know Cirkus Unik!
I really appreciate you took the time to be a part of my study and I hope we can continue the conversation in the future 🙂
Thank you for having me!”
Kærlig hilsen


Cirkus Paniks facebook, instagram and website!

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